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Advantages of artificial golf turf grass and its site foundation
- Dec 13, 2018 -

The advantage of artificial golf lawn grass is that it is easy to use. When you are bored, you can go to the club and sweat. If it is sunny or rainy, you can go to the swing if you have your heart. More maintenance, you can pay more attention when you use it.
The foundation of the site is the most important part of the artificial golf turf grass laying. The foundation of a site directly affects the service life of the turf. Therefore, the site foundation of the artificial golf turf grass is also a top priority. The artificial golf turf grass foundation includes three kinds of asphalt foundation, cement foundation and gravel foundation.
Artificial golf turf grass ground requirements The various materials used in the foundation construction shall be used for construction after passing the inspection. The surface is even and solid without obvious traces of pressure, flat and no cracks, no squeezing, loose, wave, pockmark, smooth and smooth joints, no water blocking phenomenon.
When testing the water, after draining for 120 minutes after rain, water is allowed to accumulate but the thickness of the accumulated water should not exceed 4 mm. After the foundation is completed, the 10×10 m square grid is placed to re-measure the elevation, and the drainage slope is calculated. The drainage slope is ≤0.7%, and the error is <1.5‰; the pass rate, slope and site elevation rate are all above 85%. ; thickness tolerance ± 10%.