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Application and development prospects of artificial landscape turf lawn
- Jan 15, 2019 -

Compared with the natural lawn, the artificial landscape lawn lawn can not only be used for a long time, but also has simple daily maintenance and low management cost. Moreover, the artificial landscape lawn lawn will not cause turf degradation due to climatic reasons during use, and the effect will be worse. There will be no muddy restrictions on the rainy days, and it is more environmentally friendly than the natural lawn.


At the same time, the friction performance of the artificial landscape lawn lawn is more prominent, so that the fall damage can be more effectively reduced. It is safer than the natural lawn, it has a certain torsional impact, and the artificial turf has better shock absorption performance, which is also an aspect of artificial turf superior to natural turf.


In fact, man-made landscape turf lawns have become more and more popular, especially in the case of excessive strength and extremely unfavorable growth conditions. When natural turf is not easy to grow and should not be built, artificial turf is very good. select. In addition, the artificial turf has better advantages in high-frequency and high-strength use, construction methods, maintenance and application effects than natural turf. Therefore, artificial turf will have more progress along with technology in the future. More and more development space.