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Artificial golf lawn grass will get more applications in the future
- Jan 08, 2019 -

With the continuous development of technology, artificial golf turf grass is quite close to many natural sports turfs, even more advantageous than natural turf, and the production technology level has been continuously developed and improved. The new artificial turf can be effective. It is safer than natural lawns to reduce sprain injuries to the feet and scratches on the skin.


At the same time, artificial golf turf grass has also been effectively improved in surface coating and raw materials, which has greatly improved the sports index such as shock absorption and ball rebound. In addition, artificial turf is not restricted by adverse weather conditions such as rain and rain, and the surface is well drained, which improves utilization.


We know that there are some small golf venues in many high-end hotels or clubs. In these cases, the main purpose of the guests is not to play but to focus on tourism meetings. However, indoor or small artificial golf turfgrass venues can enhance the quality of hotels and clubs, and will find more applications in the future.