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Artificial Grass For Croquet Field characteristics description and inspection requirements for the gate court
- Jan 03, 2019 -

The Artificial Grass For Croquet Field of the gate court not only has a high density of grass, but also is very durable. The superiority of this product has been trusted and recognized by the majority of users. The turf is made of grass tufted structure, the bottom of the first layer is woven with polypropylene material, and the bottom of the second layer is coated with professional glue to ensure the strength and usefulness of the product.


In fact, the Artificial Grass For Croquet Field of the goal court can be used not only for the goal field, but also for baseball, rugby, football, hockey, softball, track and field, and other sports venues. It is also a playground, driving range, and sports. Ideal turf for classes, military training and other indoor and outdoor activities. All Artificial Grass For Croquet Field products contain UV stabilizers to prevent UV damage to grass fibers, ensuring long-lasting performance and color and easy cleaning and maintenance.


The Artificial Grass For Croquet Field of the gate court also needs to be inspected regularly during use. Generally, at least one or two times of comprehensive inspections should be carried out within one year in order to determine in a timely and accurate manner which areas need to be repaired. When removing the dirt on the Artificial Grass For Croquet Field of the gate court, you can use ordinary detergent and warm water to rinse, whether it is scrubbed with a carpet brush or a cotton mop. If detergent is used, it needs to be thoroughly rinsed with plenty of water after wiping off the soil. .