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Basic acceptance and laying process of synthetic grass for landscape
- Sep 11, 2018 -

When installing synthetic grass for landscape, first check the acceptance of the basic project, the specific thing is to remove the debris in the foundation to ensure the cleanliness and construction quality of the environment; and use the tape measure to measure whether the surrounding facilities meet the standard sports field size.


Then, the non-woven fabric can be laid in the length direction of the site, and the arrangement direction must be 90 degrees with the arrangement direction of the synthetic grass used for the landscape, and the non-woven fabrics are firmly bonded; the synthetic grass lines for the landscape are determined according to the line length specification of the drawing. The lines that have been self-checked and adhered must be firm and straight.


The synthetic grass used for the landscape shall be laid on the non-woven fabric and the lawn shall be overlapped by 3-8mm according to the original specifications; the lapped lawn shall be cut flush with the cutting knife, and the joint shall be no more than 10mm; under the cutting area Spread the joint cloth and apply the special glue on the joint surface. After the touch is dry, join and tap firmly.


Then, the grass seedlings are fixed with special quartz sand in the synthetic grass used for the landscape, so that the grass seedlings do not fall, and the sand is filled to the remaining height of the grass seedlings within 10 mm. The rubber particles are spread on the surface of the grass seedlings, and the spreading is uniform. Quartz sand and rubber granules can be laid only when the synthetic grass used for the landscape is completed.