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Basic characteristics and details of artificial landscape grass for villa
- Jan 17, 2019 -

The artificial landscape grass villas are not affected by weather conditions during use, effectively improving the site utilization rate; and the artificial landscape grass villas can bring us a green feeling all year round, the materials are in line with environmental protection requirements, and the artificial grass surface layer can be Recycling. From the application point of view, since the artificial grass is produced by the principle of bionics, the elasticity is good and the foot feels comfortable.


Moreover, the artificial landscape grass villa is very durable, and it does not need to worry about fading during long-term use. It is especially suitable for sites with high frequency of use. It can usually guarantee the service life of more than five years. There is basically no maintenance cost during use. It is necessary to prevent man-made damage; the paving is simple and can be paved on the basis of asphalt, cement and hard sand.


The production of artificial landscape grass for villa has always followed strict quality standards. The elastic curved wire adopts the technique of maneuvering loops to ensure the high elasticity of the lawn, which makes the foot stepping more comfortable. The grass is made of high-density hybrid weaving technology, and the zero look is more full.