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Basic performance of artificial grass for kindergarten
- Sep 14, 2018 -

Artificial grass for kindergarten is another strong application field of artificial turf. Just as football artificial grass has become the standard of school playground, kindergarten artificial grass has become the standard of most kindergartens because of its high cost performance, simple laying, green and environmental protection. The characteristics of colorful, diverse patterns, soft and comfortable, and certain sports performance are widely favored by users.


Artificial grass for kindergarten adopts no sand filling design, is suitable for outdoor playgrounds, and is also suitable for laying indoors. It is the main place for children to learn and play, so it puts forward higher requirements for turf safety. First of all, the artificial grass must be environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odor-free, and has strong anti-aging properties, no cracking or lint; the second is silky silky, comfortable to touch, excellent in elasticity and superior in protection performance.


In addition to the advantages of having a general leisure turf, the kindergarten artificial grass is also designed to be more attractive and interesting because it is a group of kindergartens and children. Therefore, it will be designed at the time of production. The color pattern and cartoon image are blended with the kindergarten artificial grass of green background, which makes it form a whole, without splicing and paving, creating a distinctive effect.