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Benefits of using a cushion when laying croquet artificial grass
- Dec 07, 2018 -

The use of croquet artificial grass is relatively high, so when it is laid, it is also necessary to be equipped with a special cushion, mainly to ensure that the entire site can have a more perfect sports effect, after using the cushion, people When exercising above, the overall feeling will be more comfortable.

When the croquet artificial grass is laid, a special cushion is used, so that the entire lawn will be more durable in elasticity, ensuring that the overall turf is more durable and durable, and it also has a relatively good function of absorbing vibration. And to maximize the effect, if you compare it with other products, it can effectively reduce the damage caused during exercise.

When laying croquet artificial grass, the use of the cushion is very safe. At the same time, it can also improve the strength of the turf under pressure, and reduce the problem of laying technology, which leads to serious laying of the lawn. Destruction, the most important thing is to maximize the value of artificial turf. It can be seen that the cushion is used in the croquet artificial grass and belongs to the all-weather product. It not only has good recovery performance, but also is very breathable and permeable. The use is also obvious and good, and it can be used on various lawns. The effect is very good, and it belongs to the products with more outstanding modern technology.