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Bonding and pressurization requirements for synthetic dog turf
- Nov 06, 2018 -

In the process of construction of the synthetic dog turf, the glue application requires the application of the glue applicator on the surface to be even and thick, and the glue cannot be repeatedly applied during the use, otherwise bubbles may appear or even fall. The base fabric is coated with a glue applicator to strictly control the thickness of the glue. Note that the glue application speed should be appropriate. When applying the glue, it should be applied to the two bonding surfaces that are bonded.

Synthetic turf for dogs adhesion, according to the actual temperature, humidity and steam pressure conditions, the reasonable control of the time, usually within 10-30 minutes after the glue, the glue reaches 80% dry to touch the non-stick It is appropriate. When bonding, it is required to be aligned once and firmly, and it is not allowed to move the bonded object back and forth after sticking.

The pressure of the synthetic dog turf is effectively removed after the bonding, and the operation is mainly carried out by using a special rubber hammer from the bonding point to the two sides to make the surface fully contact with the compact, bonding More solid.

The curing time is generally three days, and the final strength of the test is generally ten days. Care should be taken during curing to avoid exposure, flooding and movement, and the best bonding is achieved.