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Bonding temperature and installation requirements of artificial turf rolls
- Nov 02, 2018 -

The artificial grass roll shall be inspected with the artificial grass production unit for the quality of the turf before the laying, and the quality, density and weaving process of the turf material shall be checked to meet the requirements for use. A standard site connection point shall not exceed 30, at the same time, check whether the quality of the filler meets environmental requirements. During the laying process, special lawn tools are used to cut and sew the lawn according to the specifications, and the lapped lawn is cut smoothly. Use glue joints for artificial grass sports grounds, the joints should be no more than 2 mm.

The temperature of artificial turf rolls in the process of bonding should not be too low, and the ambient temperature should be selected to be more than 10 degrees. It is not suitable for construction under rain or mild rain. Otherwise, the bonding time will be over. Long even causes no stickiness. The filling of quartz sand and rubber particles is the most important part of the construction process. Only when the artificial lawn surface material is installed, it can be filled with quartz sand and rubber particles after being inspected and leveled to meet the requirements.

Artificial grass roll must be filled with granules by special sand blasting machines and brushing equipment during operation to ensure the flatness and uniformity of the site and to improve the sporting performance of the site. Moreover, quartz sand and rubber particles must be completely dry to be applied, otherwise the grass stems will be overwhelmed and affect the filling quality. Quartz sand should be filled in multiple layers, and each layer needs to be brushed back and forth with a brush to make the fillings fill. Usually it is better to have a venue to play back and forth more than twenty times.