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Characteristics and Advantages of Artificial Grass For Croquet Field
- Nov 23, 2018 -

The artificial grass for croquet field needs to be used and maintained like other sports facilities. Therefore, after the artificial turf is completed and delivered, the artificial turf manufacturer should provide necessary maintenance and maintenance for the purpose of extending its service life.

1. Within 6-8 weeks after paving, it is necessary to clean the artificial turf every week, sweep the gravel, keep the grass stems upright, and artificial turf manufacturers. The purpose of this is to maintain the grit height at a certain level.

2. It is necessary to clean up the foreign objects in the lawn in time, artificial turf, leaves, pine needles, chewing gum, etc., which will cause tangles, spots and stains.


The artificial grass for croquet field increases the sports area, reduces the noise on the playground, and has the functions of shock absorption and decompression during use, which meets the requirements of open teaching. Filled with silver-white quartz sand or colored sand, the students will not be able to soil the clothes and the environment while exercising, and all the markings on the playground will be directly woven.

Artificial grass range: football field, tennis court, basketball court, golf course, hockey field, building roof, swimming pool, courtyard, nursery, hotel, track and field and many other occasions.