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Characteristics and laying requirements of artificial sports grass in football field
- Dec 25, 2018 -

The artificial sports grass of the football field looks bright and dreamlike. In addition, it has strong wear resistance, meets the requirements of all-weather use, and has excellent athlete protection function, which can effectively avoid joint damage, skin burns or abrasions that athletes may encounter during exercise. Guarantee the normal rolling and running speed of football.


In the process of laying the artificial sports grass of the football field, the technical preparation should be done first, that is, the drawings should be familiar in advance, and the construction quality of the acceptance foundation should be carefully checked. The laying site should be clean, the surface should be dry, smooth, free of debris, no wax. Stains, grease. The theodolite or other instrument should also be used to measure whether the surrounding facilities meet the size of the playground. If there is any fit, it should be modified immediately, with an allowable error of ±5 mm.


It should be noted that before laying the artificial sports grass of the football field, the material quality, density and weaving process of the turf should be carefully checked to meet the requirements for use. No more than 30 standard site connection points, and check whether the quality of the filler meets environmental requirements. During the laying process, special lawn tools are used to cut and sew the lawn according to the specifications, and the lapped lawn is cut smoothly.