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Classification of landscape design lawn species
- May 15, 2018 -

1. In accordance with the appropriate temperature is divided into cold type and warm type, the cold regions of the northern region with cold, with a high ability to resist cold, when the temperature is low, it will not prematurely yellow. In the hot and humid south, warm-type turf is needed. The warm-type turf has strong drought resistance, heat resistance, and resistance to trampling. It also has good invasiveness. However, warm-type lawns are not suitable for landscape design in cooler climates, because once used in colder areas, they will be prematurely browned.

2. According to the genera classification: the commonly used lawns in landscape design are grasses and legumes, and grasses are used more frequently, such as tall fescue, ryegrass, bluegrass, and so on. Gramineae are usually white-flowered clover. , Saffron clover, etc., but the lawn grass intolerance stampede, so it is generally used in places where people do not reach, only to appreciate the dip of the lawn.

3. According to the sowing method, the garden lawn is divided into unicast lawns, mixed-sown lawns, and flower plazas. Unicast lawn refers to a single turf species, which is the way to sow all lawns. Mixed lawn refers to the sowing of two or more garden landscape design grass species. Conformed lawn refers to the cultivation of a small amount of flowers on the lawn, which serves as an embellishment and is generally used as an appreciation of the lawn.