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Cleaning requirements for artificial turf
- Jul 07, 2018 -

Cleaning requirements for artificial turf

Artificial turf is not the same as a normal turf, so there are significant differences in the specific methods of operation during the care process. For all the lawns that are currently in people's minds and that we can think of, it is necessary to carry out regular irrigation during the hot summer weather, and the lawn managers regularly clean up the garbage on the lawn during the season of frequent pests and diseases. It is necessary to spray pesticides in a timely manner, and there is also a timely cleaning of the lawn during the vigorous growth of grass. In such a complicated process, we can understand that the work of managing the lawn is not easy to a certain extent. Need attention and waiting at all times.

So the most specific clean-up requirement related to artificial turf is that the people who face it are probably the other world that is completely complete. When a lot of liquid is inadvertently dripped onto the natural lawn, we can completely ignore it, and don't worry, it is only a kind of nutrient for the growth of grass, but it is completely different on artificial grass. For milk, juice and other liquids, it is necessary to clean the contaminated areas first. In the process, it is definitely going through a lot of water stains. If the weather temperature is not conducive to the evaporation of water stains, then without affecting the use, Timely use water-absorbing facilities to clean up water and impurities.

 The treatment of artificial turf oil stains is even more troublesome, and there must be certain materials corresponding to them. The chemical is first cleaned and then scrubbed and further cleaned with a water-absorbing or highly absorbent towel. When cleaning up the pollution of paints, you should choose a strong and solvable material to decompose the chemical composition of the paint, and then further clean it. Of course, the chewing gum is often encountered during the cleaning process.

 Everyone knows that chewing gum is difficult to clean even if it is stuck on the road because its adhesion is so strong, not to mention that on artificial grass, the materials and time required for processing will be relatively longer. The first step is to purchase the appropriate cleaning gum material and then carry out a variety of cleaning. The most commonly used material is the direct spray of Freon to dissolve it directly, and then clean the lawn with a cloth.