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Construction accessories and construction foundation of artificial grass for home yards
- Oct 25, 2018 -

The accessories for the artificial grass for home yards construction mainly include lap cloth, professional glue, quartz sand and rubber particles. The lap cloth/special glue has a fixed bonding effect on the artificial grass, which can increase the anti-wear force and life of the artificial grass, and has no seam mark on the appearance. It is an essential accessory for the construction of artificial turf in the home garden.


The quartz sand has high hardness and large specific gravity, which can form a stable protection for the bottom of the artificial grass, make the lawn more durable and non-slip, and can be used with the artificial garden artificial lawn. The rubber particles are moderate and moderate, and the elasticity is moderate, which can enhance the elasticity of artificial grass. , to achieve the same effect as the real lawn.


The artificial grass for home yards consists of a base layer, a buffer layer and a surface layer of three layers of materials; its foundation can be divided into three materials, namely cement concrete foundation, asphalt foundation and Sanqi lime soil foundation, and home garden artificial turf foundation layer. Requires solid, no deformation.


The artificial grass for home yards is used for viewing and beautifying the environment, so the user can do it for everyone; the other is for people to play, so the safety and comfort performance is the priority of the user. Be cautious during use, construction, and maintenance of home garden artificial turf.