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Construction requirements and paving conditions of fake grass for balcony
- Nov 15, 2018 -

When the fake grass for balcony is under construction, the adhesive can not be directly exposed for too long, mainly because the volume volatilization will cause the bond to be too large to be applied. If the temperature is too low, the hot water can be heated to 15 After 20 ° C, the original state can be restored and the performance remains unchanged.

False balcony grass quartz sand, rubber particle paving

1. When spreading, it must be spread by a spreader. The quartz sand requires a roundness of more than 80% and a circular diameter of 0.2-1.5mm.

2. After the artificial turf field is installed, the quartz sand and rubber particles can be laid.

3. The laying of quartz sand will be effectively divided into N injections according to the amount of sand used in the design. Once it is spread, it must be combed repeatedly with professional combing equipment to make the quartz sand fall fully dense. Any impurities found in the pavement must be removed immediately. quality assurance.

4. The laying of quartz sand should be checked for levelness and sufficiency, and the deficiencies should be filled as appropriate.