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Description of the application of artificial Turf Basketball Court
- Jan 04, 2019 -

artificial Turf Basketball Courts are becoming more and more common. Nowadays, artificial turf has shown obvious superiority in terms of stability, daily maintenance, sliding resistance and service life, so it is increasingly used in international competition venues. Obviously, the quality of the artificial Turf Basketball Court turf will directly affect the quality of sports and leisure sports and the service life of the turf.


And because people pay more and more attention to sports and health, they also put forward more functional requirements for the use of artificial Turf Basketball Courts. In fact, artificial turf can be divided into two types: Shaping grass and soilless lawn. The laying mat of the Shaping lawn uses the standards for the cultivation of sports fields, such as yellow sand and improvers. The soilless lawn can be laid directly on a flat surface such as cement.


In general, artificial turf has two main purposes, one is applied to sports, such as the artificial Turf Basketball Court, and the other is used for landscaping. In environmental and landscaping applications, artificial turf can be used in airports, apartments, office buildings, retail stores, hotels, gas stations, churches, parking lots, public buildings, swimming pools, commercial areas and entertainment venues.