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Detailed steps for artificial grass football field paving construction
- Nov 01, 2018 -

With the advent of artificial turf, artificial grass football fields have increasingly entered people's lives. Usually, before the construction of the material, it is necessary to test the flatness, slope and surface appearance of the foundation. It is necessary to propose the repairing measures and requirements. Only after the requirements are met can the construction be carried out.


Followed by the line of defense, find the center point of the site and the two semicircle centers, and according to the three positioning points, draw the ruler to draw the intersection of the center line and the side line, and then use the Pythagorean theorem to determine the accuracy of the corner points and lines on the site. Position, and then determine the position of each function point, line, and eject with ink or paint line. Then, the artificial grass soccer field turf is moved into the field and spread out along the horizontal direction, and then one end of the longitudinal side is pushed to the other end in turn. When spreading, try to make the white scribe on the turf at the functional line position, and reduce the cutting. quantity.


Cut the white grass line woven on the outer edge of the turf and not placed on the functional line position, and set it to be used for use; lap the joints of the green turf 1cm, cut it from the center of the lap with a grass cutter So that the turf on both sides is as close as possible and then trimmed with a paper cutter. Flip the bottom of the turf at the seam up, the width of each turf is about 50 cm, then spread the 25 cm wide strap along the center of the turf joint, and apply the special glue to the turf seam. On the bottom and the connecting belt, the turf joint is coated with a brush and the width of the brush is 6 cm. The connecting strip is evenly spread on the connecting strip with a squeegee.


After the turf of the artificial grass soccer field is basically spliced, pull the line again to determine the exact position of each function line and point, cut it with a paper cutter, pull out the cut straw, put the connecting belt, scrape the glue, and put the original The prepared white straw line is put back, and after cementing, it is repeatedly beaten with a rubber hammer to make the joint portion tightly bonded. The folded part of the turf needs to be opened by a paper cutter, straightened and butted, and the overlapping parts are cut off and then cemented.


Finally, the artificial grass soccer field will be placed on the whole field according to the specifications. After the filling is completed, the grass fibers will be combed once and then with the brushing machine. After the work is completed, the quality and requirements of the artificial grass surface layer shall be tested and cleared, and the unqualified areas shall be rectified.