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Grass length and density requirements for artificial grass tennis court
- Nov 27, 2018 -

The length of the grass of the artificial turf tennis court, the length of the football field is as long as possible. The longest straw is 60mm, which is mainly used for professional football fields. The most common length of the grass for the football field is about 30- About 50mm.

The appearance of an artificial lawn tennis court

Whether the color is natural, the softness of the grass is good, and how it feels.

Grass density

From two angles to evaluate: First, look at the number of grass needles from the back of the lawn, the more needles per meter of straw, the better; second, the line spacing from the back of the lawn, that is, the spacing of the grass, the denser the line spacing The better.

Fiber quality

The better the quality of the grass with the same unit length, the better. The grass fiber weight is expressed in terms of fineness, and Dtex is defined as 1 gram of fiber per 10,000 meters, which is called 1Dtex. The larger the weight of the grass fiber, the thicker the grass. The larger the weight of the grass fiber, the stronger the abrasion resistance. The larger the weight of the grass fiber, the longer the service life. However, the higher the weight of the grass seedling fiber, the higher the cost. According to the age group and frequency of use of the athletes, the suitable grass seedlings should be selected. For large sports venues, it is recommended to use a weighed lawn of 11,000 Dtex or more.