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How is the commercial landscape grass paved step by step?
- Sep 13, 2018 -

Commercial landscape grass construction details include marking, sand filling, foundation finishing, lawn finishing, grass laying, quartz sand filling, and post-inspection. The so-called labeling is to excavate the site to be constructed and mark the excavation site; the site construction excavation according to the site marking range.


Secondly, the commercial landscape grassland needs to be designed for drainage to allow rainwater to flow out. And put a 7.5cm height of gravel and 5cm of lime or sand on the construction site, and spread it evenly around the site; also insist on the flatness of the site and sprinkle water on the basis of the site, use snoring The machine compacts the foundation.


The commercial landscape is transported into the site and spread evenly over the construction site; then, the excess lawn is cut off with a sharp knife. When paving the commercial landscape grass, ensure that the direction of the grass roll is consistent. Note that between the commercial landscape grass blocks and the blocks, the paving needs to be closely connected, and there must be no large gap distance. At the same time, the artificial turf should pay attention to the process of paving, roll the edge of the lawn to both sides, and ensure that the surface of the joint cloth is clean.


In addition, the seaming cloth should be placed straight, and the joint cloth should be coated with special glue for commercial landscape grass. In addition, place the lawns on both sides on the seaming cloth and make sure that the seam edges of the lawn are on the centerline of the seam fabric. In order to achieve better viewing, it is also necessary to fill the commercial landscape grass with quartz sand or rubber particles.