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How to choose artificial turf for yards?
- Dec 18, 2018 -

At present, there are more and more artificial turf for the courtyard. Some families have accepted their simple management and maintenance methods, which are beautiful, applicable and clean. On the other hand, they are more economical than natural grasses and can provide more comfortable. The event venue has been chosen and favored by more and more families.


When selecting artificial turf for the courtyard, the first thing to focus on is the raw materials. The artificial turf materials are mostly polyethylene, polypropylene and nylon. In contrast, PE has a higher cost performance, softer handfeel, closer appearance to natural grass, and is widely accepted by users. It is the most widely used artificial grass fiber raw material on the market. PP is generally suitable for tennis courts, playgrounds, runways or decorations; nylon is the first raw material for artificial grass fibers.


The second is to check the base fabric of the artificial turf used in the courtyard. The bottom of the vulcanized wool PP woven fabric is durable, has good anti-corrosion performance, good adhesion to glue and grass, and is easy to be firm; glass fiber is used at the bottom of the glass. The material has a good help to increase the strength of the bottom and the binding force of the grass fiber; the bottom of the Pu has strong anti-aging properties, is durable; has strong adhesion to the grass line, and is environmentally friendly and odorless; the bottom of the braided type does not use the bottom. Lining, glue directly attached to the root of the fiber, this bottom can simplify the production process and save raw materials.


In view of the safety issue, the glue used in the artificial turf for the courtyard is also very important. The styrene-butadiene latex is the most common material in the artificial turf market in China, with good functions, low cost and water-melting. Artificial turf for the courtyard is used or used to beautify the living environment, so the most important foot and color quality is the first element to consider.