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How to wear correct sneakers on artificial turf and natural turf
- Jul 03, 2018 -

What kind of sneakers are artificial turf and natural turf suitable for in competitions?

There have been some new problems, such as wearing soccer shoes. I found that many people who go to play don’t know how to wear soccer shoes to compete. Whether it’s artificial turf or natural turf, they wear the same shoes. In fact, this is a wrong way. Today’s HISOA Grass introduces everyone, how to Use the shoes correctly in the right venue.

In fact, football shoes are divided into many types according to different types of venues. They are also used in artificial turf fields and natural grass fields, including TF, SG, FG, HG, and so on. So how do you use it in the venue? Introduced as follows:


TF: Turf (commonly known as broken nails). This type of stud is a special sneaker for many artificial turf fields. It has good anti-slip performance. This kind of stud does not have any effect on the artificial turf field. It will not nail the bottom of the turf and will not smash the grass. It is very suitable. On the hard artificial turf field, the artificial turf is usually filled with rubber granules and quartz sand. It is hard to step on. For ordinary football fans, the TF bottom studs are just right, in the hard artificial turf field. It won't be too tired to run on, and the sole is soft, and the comfort is also the best in all aspects. However, TF studs are not suitable for strong competition against the game and are prone to sprains. This is also a disadvantage of TF studs.


SG: Soft Ground. This kind of stud is used on the soft natural turf as the name suggests, and is also used exclusively by professional football players. The steel nails used by SG are suitable for use on soft grass. Generally, the professional league will sprinkle water before the game, one is to cool the turf, and the other is to moisten the site. Such a venue is very suitable for the use of SG studs. If the SG studs are not suitable for use in harder venues, it is easier to cripple.


FG: Firm Ground (hard grass). FG and SG are actually similar in use. They are used by professional athletes. FG is a plastic spike. However, this kind of stud is suitable for use on a harder grass field. In many professional competitions, players can be based on different hardness. To choose shoes for SG and FG.


HG: Hard Groud (hard grass). HG uses short staples and is available in a variety of sizes for hard grass and artificial turf, dirt or gravel. These shoes are cheaper and more cost-effective, so they are favored by many people. If it is a natural lawn kick, this kind of stud is not suitable, the grip is not enough, it is easy to slip or twist the foot.


Therefore, not all venues are suitable for the shoes you wear. Shoes should be worn according to different venues. Improper use may cause injuries.