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Maintenance knowledge sharing of synthetic grass tennis turf
- Dec 27, 2018 -

Compared with the plant lawn, the synthetic grass tennis turf has many advantages: it can be rolled up and transported like a carpet, and it is easy to use; the materials selected for the artificial lawn are environmentally friendly, the usage rate is high, and both the shock absorption and the noise are eliminated, and the finished product is constructed, and the construction period is fixed. And it is relatively short, the quality is easier to master, the acceptance is simple, and it does not require much professional knowledge compared to the plant lawn.


Moreover, the synthetic grass tennis turf can effectively reduce the reinvestment cost. Of course, if you want to maintain a long life, you need to carry out certain maintenance. In the long-term use, the lawn should be kept combed once a week to rest the grass plane. The rubber-filled layer is loosely treated with a squeegee to loosen it to improve the elasticity and softness of the bed.


In order to better maintain the cleanliness of the synthetic grass tennis turf, regular cleaning is required. In order to remove waste, small paper scraps and garbage, impurities and other debris on the surface of the turf, a vacuum cleaner or a combined vacuum scouring machine can be used to remove impurities and dust particles hidden in the turf. It is not possible to use a steel brush or a fiber brush mixed with steel wool to avoid mild abrasion of the turf.