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Market potential of golf course green grass
- Jan 10, 2019 -

Grassy golf courses are becoming more and more attractive to modern high-end consumers. At present, artificial grass golf course green grass has been significantly improved in terms of stability, turf maintenance, sliding resistance and appearance color, and is increasingly close to natural lawn, and thus is increasingly used in golf courses.


Compared with the natural lawn, the green grass of the golf course can effectively reduce the damage to the natural lawn caused by the movement, reduce the maintenance cost of the lawn and prolong the service life of the lawn. At the same time, artificial turf has great advantages compared with natural turf in terms of safety performance. In order to obtain safe and high-performance artificial turf, the biomechanical properties of turf yarns have received extensive attention. From the perspective of sports medicine, the friction performance of artificial turf is the most suitable, and the artificial turf also has a good release function for the torsional impact it bears.


In addition, the golf course green grass and the fiber materials used are subject to strict quality requirements in terms of management. In recent years, artificial turf has made revolutionary progress in the research of raw materials, processing technology and biomechanical properties of fiber materials, and is also ushered in a large market potential development space.