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Quality indicators and combustion support of artificial basketball court
- Nov 22, 2018 -

In the process of making artificial basketball court, it is mainly made of PP, PE or PA. It is made of plastic. It is determined that it is not fireproof because it is a plastic finished product, because it is not a fireproof material, but it is artificial. The lawn is made by mixing flame retardant materials during the production process, so the artificial turf has a certain combustion-supporting capacity.


The flame retardant of the artificial basketball court is one of the most important quality indicators. The flame-retardant body of the artificial turf is undoubtedly the grass, and some flame retardants are added to the basin, which makes the artificial turf have this function. The amount of flame retardant added to the grass in artificial turf is between 10% and 20%, because the flame retardant does not bring adverse effects, and his compatibility is very good, maybe in The average is evacuated in the grass, and more importantly, it is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.


The consequences of the chemical additives in the artificial basketball court are really significant. After participating in the flame retardant, the artificial turf can even contact the fire, and it can also help prevent the flame from stretching or lowering its speed, self-extinguishing, and will not cause mutual combustion. The area burns. The quality of artificial turf on the market is uneven, and only the search for quality products has the ability to have superior flame retardant functions. Applying this feature, the application of artificial turf in playgrounds, playgrounds, public green spaces, etc., can effectively prevent fire damage caused by cigarette butts.