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Quality standards for quality artificial golf grass
- Sep 07, 2018 -

The quality of artificial golf grass is also good or bad. Its quality is mostly derived from the quality of artificial grass, followed by the ingredients used in the lawn manufacturing process and the manufacturing refinement. The quality of high-quality artificial golf grass is mostly produced using high-end grass, which is safer and healthier.


The quality artificial golf grass has strict quality inspection, and its safety, quality and quality are guaranteed. And the high-quality artificial golf grass will be tested by anti-aging and anti-static before being manufactured. The artificial turf has strong anti-static and anti-aging properties and has corresponding index friction. There are also SGS secondary fire prevention and protection. Flame-retardant test, artificial turf has fire-proof and flame-retardant components, and the safety index meets international standards.


In addition, the quality of artificial golf grass is tested by harmful toxic substances. The high-quality artificial turf does not contain harmful substances such as heavy metals, and the artificial turf emits no pungent odor under the sun. Then there is the density of the grass, which also determines the quality of the turf; and the straw is to be tested for the extraction force of the grass during the process of drawing and refining, and the pulling power of the grass is strong.


The high-quality artificial golf grass bottom adhesive is made of imported rubber, and it is heated by chemical or physical high temperature during the manufacturing process. The heating process ensures that the adhesive component is in a high temperature environment and enhances environmental protection performance.