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Residential paving and artificial performance of artificial turfgrass
- Feb 12, 2019 -

The lawn of the residential artificial turf grass with excellent performance during its use has excellent elasticity and real grass feeling, and the movement on the artificial lawn has a feeling on the natural lawn. In particular, artificial grass has the tolerance of exercise intensity, which is unmatched by natural turf. The product can be used all day, no fading, no deformation, durable, and always new.

The residential artificial turf grass is suitable for a variety of basic artificial grasses to be permeable and permeable when used. It is easy to be laid on the cement or asphalt concrete foundation during use, and the foundation requirements are not high, and it is not afraid of cracking. Daily maintenance Simple artificial grass does not need to be replanted, trimmed, watered, fertilized, weeded, pest-proof and many other maintenance work. It only needs to be rinsed with water to remove dirt. It can save a lot of water and maintenance costs every year, and the daily maintenance is simple.

Paving pavement of residential artificial turfgrass
The artificial artificial turf grass is laid along the length of the site. The connecting belts must overlap 10-15cm. The arrangement direction should be parallel to the arrangement direction of the lawn. The bonding between the connecting belts must be firm. According to the paper length specification of the drawing, the line of the course is cut, and the imported wire cutter must be used, and the line is glued with the tools such as the theodolite. The line after the sticking must be straight.