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Skills of installing artificial turf
- Jul 24, 2018 -

The laying of the lawn is a process of matching with the ground. If the geographical location is not good enough, even if it takes more time and energy to study the laying skills, it is not feasible, but when it is laid, it is available in all conditions. In the case of some necessary methods and tools and the process of operation still need to be accurately grasped, otherwise it will directly affect the effect and aesthetics of the product laying, but for customers who are less demanding, there is absolutely no need to consider, but if It is a company that has strict requirements for its own development, and any small error is not allowed.


In the beginning we mentioned the ground problem of laying artificial turf. In fact, this is the most important and basic problem of all the problems. The choice of the site for turf laying must be leveled. The specific standard is the ground. The slope is below five thousandths, and this slope is basically a slope that is difficult for the human body to visually appreciate the difference. Of course it is only one of the important steps. Secondly, on the basis that the inclination of the ground meets the requirements, the laid ground should be further finished. For the convenience of laying, some will be directly coated with a special material of cement. This is also the basic work before laying, which is very important for the entire subsequent laying.

The next step is to paste the artificial turf with the adhesive tape one by one, use the special lawn glue to lay the turf, and then carry out the flat extrusion, so as to paste as soon as possible, leaving no trace in the middle, and there are different plates. The connection between the lawns, the standard requirements can not exceed 3mm. The gap is too large, and there may be many accidents in the course of use and in serious cases will endanger the athlete's career.


For the fixation on the corner of the artificial turf, the method of nailing is used to connect the lawn to the ground. This method is the simplest and most powerful way to fix the lawn, but it is limited to the corners and the surrounding area. More is dependent on special glue. At the end of the laying, some garbage on the whole scene will be cleaned up, and the last step in the whole process is also the most crucial step. You can't relax your efforts.