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Tennis artificial grass shows a variety of outstanding advantages
- Sep 04, 2018 -

Tennis artificial grass is suitable for use as a medium-speed tennis court ground material. This material requires lower maintenance cost than natural turf, and the bouncing property is the same as that of natural turf. Compared with hard tennis courts, the tennis court has low elasticity and moderate speed. An excellent choice for athletes.


The tennis artificial turf combines all the advantages of traditional sports. It can not only be used all year round without weather, but also requires the most basic maintenance. At the same time, it has also been proved that its high quality grass can effectively absorb the pottery sand, which has excellent elasticity and real grassy feeling. The movement on the artificial lawn has a feeling of natural lawn, thus ensuring that the players can run freely and enjoy it without any need. Worried that the sand will move, greatly improving the comfort of the sport.


Tennis artificial grass is made of non-toxic polymer materials. Bacteria, molds and viruses cannot be parasitic; suitable for various foundations, they can be cement floors, asphalt floors or hard sand floors. Tennis artificial turf is breathable and permeable, and can be easily laid on cement or asphalt concrete. They do not require a high level of foundation and are not afraid of cracking.


Tennis artificial turf does not need to be sown again, trimmed, watered, fertilized, weeded, pest control and many other protection work; environmental protection requirements, turf layer can be recycled. When cleaning, you can remove dirt by simply flushing the water, saving a lot every year.