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The development of artificial grass in football field
- Jul 04, 2018 -

The development of artificial grass in football field

With the gradual strengthening of people's awareness of sports and the popularity of football, the football field has become more and more, and the artificial grass has obvious advantages over natural grass, which has greatly increased the number of artificial grass soccer fields.

The biggest advantage of artificial grass is to make up for the lack of natural grass and overcome the defects of natural grass: one is unable to grow under extreme climatic conditions; the other is that some countries and regions cannot pay high maintenance costs due to economic reasons; Some covered stadiums cannot be planted. In addition to these, artificial grass also has the characteristics of high frequency of use, easy paving, simple maintenance and quick drainage. These advantages make artificial grass have a broad development space, and there is a tendency to replace natural grass! According to statistics, there are 600 new football fields in the United States, 500 in China, 150 in Germany, 150 in Japan, and 100 in the UK. This does not include a large number of non-standard venues. Artificial grass has formed a huge market.