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The main value of carpet grass
- May 15, 2018 -

This type of lychee spreads rapidly. Each section is rooted and new plants are taken out. Plants are laid flat on the ground. It is called carpet grass. It is a kind of grass planted with lawns. The root has a solid soil effect and is a good one. The soil-retaining plants; also because of the soft culm, high-quality forage. [2]

Folding garden

In South China, it is an excellent solid-soil-retaining plant material that is widely used in green areas. In Guangzhou, it is commonly used for laying lawns and mixing with other grass species for building event venues. It is understood that this grass shows rough grass in Sichuan, but is more tolerant to trampling than shade, and it can only be used as resting activity lawn in Chengdu. 

Folding feed

Carpet grass is soft and tender, with large amount of leaves and good palatability. Various kinds of livestock chickens (especially turkey ducks, geese, and fish prefer to eat. However, carpet grass and grass layers are low, and the yield is not high. As a feed for large livestock, the general Direct grazing is used because it is difficult to obtain sufficient fresh grass (or silage and grass) for large-scale animal feed. When used as a breeding feed for rabbits, it can be cut and dried and then dew-filled. When used as a poultry feed, it is necessary to cut. After being chopped and chopped, you can feed the geese or turkeys. When you feed the fish, you can directly put the cut grass into the pond.