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The most basic safety standard for artificial golf green grass
- Feb 01, 2019 -

1. Artificial golf green grass should ensure that it does not contain heavy metals, and combines the dissolution of eight soluble metals (cadmium, lead, mercury, chromium, antimony, selenium, arsenic, antimony) in the relevant regulations to ensure that the products are inspected by professional organizations.
2. Ensure the artificial golf green grass is deployed, the planning is reasonable, and the security is guaranteed. The lawn cushion provides perfect impact and cuts damage from falling from a height.
3. Ensure that the artificial turf laid has the effect of antibacterial and anti-mildew, prevent the probability of bacterial infection when children play on the lawn, provide a safe and comfortable area for children to carry out activities, and have a high level of fire safety. Declining the incidence of fires in children's entertainment areas.

There are many rules for artificial golf green grass. The rules are not only formulated by the manufacturers, but also for the consumers. The safety regulations are ultimately for our better use, so we are even more pay attention.