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The specific installation process and lap cloth of synthetic turf tennis courts
- Jan 29, 2019 -

The synthetic turf tennis courts is an artificial turf product that focuses on decoration. Its color is bright and colorful, which can play a visually pleasing role. It is mainly used for indoor and outdoor floors, roofs and even slope protection, wall surfaces and other wall surfaces for practical laying and decorative laying. Among them, the artificial turf for greening has high simulation degree and durability, and has been widely used in greening places to replace real grass, so that the green lawns become natural in all seasons.

The specific installation process of the artificial turf tennis court
1. The project manager keeps track of the execution of the contract, grasps the production, transportation schedule and construction and installation progress, and solves the problem in time.
2. Equipped with professional construction personnel and construction tools for construction and installation, the construction area of construction workers is required to be more than 100,000 square meters to ensure construction quality.
3. According to the requirements, supporting a variety of high-quality advanced accessories.

Lap cloth: professional channels to buy lap joint materials of sufficient thickness and strength to prevent deformation of plastic products due to thermal expansion and contraction, so that the construction effect will be maintained forever.
Special tools: to ensure the smoothness of the lawn laying and the effective width of the bonding site and the amount of glue users.