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Three types of artificial turf football fields and their respective characteristics
- Dec 04, 2018 -

Football is a sport that many people prefer, so more and more football venues come into being, but most people are confused when they choose artificial turf football fields. I don't know which one is more suitable. The artificial turf soccer field can be mainly divided into three types, namely, a monofilament artificial turf soccer field, a mesh artificial turf soccer field, and a monofilament reinforced artificial turf soccer field. Because these three types of lawns differ in performance, the range of use will vary.


The monofilament artificial turf football fields is very thin on the fiber, and the density is also very large, and the whole simulation degree is also relatively high. The structure is basically similar to the natural lawn, and the service life is also long, and the wear resistance is long. It is much stronger than the mesh lawn.


The artificial turf soccer field of the mesh is also relatively high in simulation degree, but it is thicker on the fiber, and is similar to the plastic tying rope. If the low cross section is directly uncovered, the main shape is the grid. Therefore, it is called mesh, which is generally cheaper than monofilament in price.


Because it is necessary to add a new process on the basis of manufacturing, in the center of the monofilament in the artificial turf football fields, it is necessary to provide a raised rib, which mainly ensures good elasticity and can improve the wear resistance. less.