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Water test requirements and asphalt foundation for Non Infilled Football Grass
- Jan 25, 2019 -

Non Infilled Football Grass needs to be used according to the site. The asphalt concrete foundation includes ordinary asphalt foundation and hydrophobic asphalt foundation. It is suitable for tennis courts, hockey stadiums and football fields. The hockey field must use the hydrophobic asphalt foundation. Others can use ordinary Asphalt foundation. The four basics of the football field are applicable, and can be selected according to the actual situation. It is recommended to use asphalt concrete and cement concrete foundation. Because these two are also the more popular foundations nowadays, the two foundations are more suitable for site construction in terms of flatness. What are the requirements for the construction of artificial turf grounds?

1. The site foundation of Non Infilled Football Grass requires that all materials used in the foundation construction should be used for construction after passing the inspection.

2. Foundation appearance: the surface is even and solid without obvious traces of road pressure, no cracks, no squeezing, loose, wave, pockmark, smooth and smooth joints, no water blocking.

3. When testing the water, after 120 minutes of drainage after rain, allow water to accumulate but the thickness of the accumulated water should not exceed 4mm.

4. After the foundation is completed, put a 10×10 m square grid to re-measure the elevation, and calculate the drainage gradient. The drainage gradient is ≤0.7%, and the error is <1.5‰.

5. The compaction compaction of the stable layer shall not be less than 93%.

6. The pass rate of slope, slope and site elevation should reach more than 85%.

7. The thickness tolerance is ±10%.