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What are the advantages of artificial grass carpets compared to traditional carpets?
- Oct 16, 2018 -

There are many places in daily life that use carpets, such as hotels, rooms, exhibition halls, office buildings, commercial shops, etc., and artificial grass carpets are a recognized product with decorative environment, long service life and simple paving. It has the characteristics of low cost and the like, which can beautify the environment and reduce noise.


Since the artificial grass carpet grass is a combination of high-density straight curves of more than 20,000, it is not only noise-reducing but also cold-insulated. Compared with other traditional carpets, there is a great advantage in price. The finest artificial grass carpets are also 200-300 square meters in the market, and the labor costs of paving can be saved. In terms of price, artificial grass carpets are more affordable than wool carpets.


There is safety. The carpets are laid on the ground. Anti-slip is a major safety factor for carpets. The artificial grass carpet raw material is PE, plus high density, so its softness and resilience are very good, and the anti-slip effect is also good. very good. This will play a very good role in protection, especially for the elderly and children, skid is the most important.


Compared with the price, quality and safety performance, the artificial grass carpet is cheaper than the wool carpet, and the safety performance is better than that of the plastic carpet. Considering that the artificial grass carpet is a very high cost-effective option, in terms of raw materials, equipment and technology. They are all top level.