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What are the advantages of artificial grass football pitch compared to natural grass?
- Aug 31, 2018 -

The artificial grass soccer field is different from the conventional natural grass soccer field. It not only fully restores the natural grass's softness, comfort, natural color and so on. Moreover, because all products are made of imported equipment tufted and high temperature baked, it ensures the product is durable outdoors. Up to 6-8 years.


Practice has proved that the artificial grass football pitch has strong weather resistance, anti-ultraviolet light, no leg color, etc.; it does not need to apply fertilizer, remove insects, and cut grass during use, which not only greatly reduces people's labor enemies, but also maintains the cost. 5% to natural grass;


Because the artificial grass football pitch is environmentally friendly and non-polluting, it can be recycled, stacked or burned like ordinary waste. In addition to playing a role in the sports ground, the artificial grass soccer field can also be used for roofs, courtyards, playgrounds, Indoor and outdoor decoration such as pet activity area. It is easy to install when applied, and only requires professional glue to complete the installation. There is no special requirement for the basic surface layer. It can be installed with cement, asphalt, wood, metal and other materials.