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Which types of garden green space
- May 15, 2018 -

(1) Parkland: Open to the public, with recreation as the main function, and greenbelts that combine ecological, landscaping, and disaster prevention.

(2) Production of green land: nursery gardens, flower nurseries, flower gardens, grass gardens and other nurseries are provided for greening of county towns.

(3) Protected green areas: green areas with sanitation, isolation and security protection functions in the county seats. Including sanitary isolation belts, green road protection, green belts in high-voltage corridors in county seats, windbreak forests, and isolation belts in county seats.

(4) Affiliated green land: Affiliated green land in all kinds of land outside the green land in the county construction land. Including residential land, public facilities, industrial land, storage land, land for external transportation, road plaza, municipal facilities and special land.

(5) Other green areas: Green areas that directly affect the ecological environment quality of the county, leisure life of the residents, landscape of the county, and biodiversity conservation. Including scenic spots, water conservation areas, country parks, forest parks, nature reserves, scenic woodlands, green belts in county towns, wild animals and plants, wetlands, landfill restoration and other green areas.