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Fake Landscape Grass

Fake Landscape Grass

This fake landscape grass is perfect for landscaping, gardens and even terraces. It's environmentally friendly, and is free from heavy metal. It is a UV stabilised tufted synthetic grass and comes in light & dark green, which gives an authentic look and feel. Technical Data Of Fake...

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Product Details

This fake landscape grass is perfect for landscaping, gardens and even terraces. It's environmentally friendly, and is free from heavy metal. It is a UV stabilised tufted synthetic grass and comes in light & dark green, which gives an authentic look and feel.


Technical Data Of Fake Landscape Grass

Product Model


Fiber Composition

Monofilament Fiber: PE Curved Pile: PP

Yarn Shape


Pile Height(mm)


Gauge (inch)


Stitches Rate




Grass Life

5-8 years

Primary Backing 

Composite PP woven fabric

Secondary Backing

Mesh fabric

Coating Backing

SBR Latex

Diameter of Drainage Holes(mm)


Roll Length (m)

25 or customized

Roll widths (m)

2 or 4 

Loading quantity 

2200-3000 sqm/20GP
4500-5000 sqm/40GP
5000-9000 sqm/40HQ

Installing Accessories

Joint tape, Adhesive glue 


landscaping, kindergarten, garden, roof, roadside, backyard,    balcony,villa landscaping, etc

Features Of Fake Landscape Grass

◆  No watering – ideal where water is scarce or in hosepipe/sprinkler ban areas.

◆  Clean and hygienically safe – no degradation by pets.

◆  No need to use harmful pesticides like real grass, which can cause allergic reactions.

◆  High strength and tenacity

◆  Low maintenance – generating savings on time and up-keep costs. This applies to homeowners, the elderly for whom maintenance is not practical, second/holiday home owners and also organisations such as local councils who have to maintain roadside verges, city parks and pathways

◆  Perfect for dogs and other pets as it's easy to clean.


Features Of Yarn Shape:

‘M’ shape:

This highly durable shape is a perfect option for those installations that need extra durability reassurance.The shape of the blade allows pressure to be exerted over several separate points, which diminishes the foot traffic impact. The M shape is hard to the touch feeling and is ideal for any landscapes that experience moderate to heavy foot traffic.


How To Install The Fake Landscape Grass?
Prepare Natural Ground for Artificial Turf ( If on cement floor, please start from 2)
1.Remove any existing grass with a flat shovel or turf cutter.
2.Compact the ground with a vibrating plate compactor.
3.Lay a non-woven cloth over the ground.Lay the Artificial Grass 
4.Cut the roll of artificial turf into lengths that fit the shape of your yard.
5.Lay the turf over the area in its permanent place. Make sure adjoining seams fit together without any visible gaps, but do not overlap them.
6.Cut the edges of the artificial turf to fit the edges of the lawn. Use a utility knife to cut the grass from its underside adhere the Joints.
7.Peel back the joints between the artificial grass strips along their length. Reveal enough of the underlying ground to fit the joint tape with an inch or two to spare on each side.
8.Lay the joint tape in the gap you have created so that, when laid, the seam between the two adjacent strips of artificial turf will run down its middle.
9.Paint the joint tape with the glue.
10.Lay the edges of the adjoining artificial grass pieces over the joint tape and adhesive so that they are in their original and permanent position. Weigh the joint down with sandbags.
11.Repeat for each of the joints in the turf. Options for Adhering the Edges of the Artificial Grass
12.Nail down the edges of artificial turf on natural ground.
13.Apply the joint tape around the edges of artificial turf laid over concrete. (See step 10) Spread the Infill if required.
14.Spread the recommended amount of infill evenly over the artificial grass.
15.Rake the infill over the artificial turf to work it underneath the surface.
16.Allow it to settle overnight.
17.Spread and rake in more infill if necessary, until the space between the sub layer and the bottom of the artificial grass is filled.


Our Service

◆  Consultancy: Consulting service ensure you have the most suitable production suggestions for sports and landscaping purposes. Our professional team is able to provide you with best solution.

◆  Quality Control System: Rigorous quality test before shipping makes sure you receive high quality goods

◆  One-stop purchasing service by providing various kinds of products: Artificial grass for landscaping and sports, stadium seats and other sports accessories, such as football goal, tennis post, basketball stand...

◆  Professional after-sales service including delivering, installation, maintenance...

◆  Professional guidance. We have over 12 years experience in this area, and worked with many big sports events, will provide our professional guidance to you.



◆  Does water stay on the surface of the grass or does it drain through?

Water drains through the grass via holes in the latex backing. In fact, artificial grass actually drains more quickly than natural grass. Installing a fake lawn in your garden will help to prevent puddles on the surface and the occurrence of muddy patches.

◆  How do the different blade shapes affect performance?

Synthetic grass is created with many different colors and various blade heights as well as several types of synthetic grass blade shapes. Each of these blade shapes serves different purposes of artificial turf application.

◆  How long does fake grass last?

Artificial turf will give you up to 20 years of maintenance-free life depending on the

volume of traffic in the area. Fake grass won’t fade or flatten. It is UV resistant and will retain its colour and integrity season after season.

◆  Will my grass fade?

Our synthetic grass products use technologically advanced features including built-in U.V. inhibitors to prevent fading. The U.V. inhibitors are incorporated within the yarn process and will allow the yard to hold color even in the most harsh and sunny conditions. The turf color is designed to last over 15 years.

◆  What type of infill is used with HISOA-Grass?

We use a natural infill mixture of rubber pellets and silica sand – making the lawn safe for pets and children to use. 

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